Thursday, February 09, 2006

Infidel Night Out

Dag is again planning to be at McDonald's at Main and Terminal at 7-9:00, Vancouver, Canada this Thursday. This is done in some sympathy with the blue revelucion of France, but it is a matter of importance that we prepare to carry the truth of the Jihad against us to ludites and rifkinites everywhere. It is shoe leather time.

To which end Myself (maccusgermanis, in a "I read Mohammed Comics" cap), pilgrim, and a few guys from work shall be at Hooter's (where else would infidels meet) at Brook Highland, Birmingham, Alabama 7pm. I'm off to Kinko's now to print a few informational aids that incorporate "A Letter to Mankind" from Ali Sina's with a sampling of the Danish cartoons which surprisingly few people have seen here.

BTW, keep eye on local churches, for this time last week the fires began.

Several no shows, in fact just me and pilgrim. I gave some copies of FaithFreedom's "A Letter to Mankind" away. I think we pissed off a dhimmi that had not courage to confront us, but at least his preconceptions were for a time challenged. A shame really that the weak minded fools that allow islam to permeate will in similar avoidance offer no challenge to people that they might have assumed (wrongly) rascist.


Blogger dag said...

I just put up another piece on the Blue Scarf idea. It's a translation from the originator of the movement in France.

If you're going to try again, and I hope you will, please post your intentions in the comments section under the "Open your eyes" piece. I'll try to get the word out to others to do the same.

There might be a chance to demonstrate in fromt of Danish embassies, consulates, and perhaps anything Danish if nothing official is available, some time in March in support of Denmark. It might be old news by then, and something else might take its place, but for now keep this one in mind. I'll update as I can.

Regards, Dag.

2/13/2006 03:12:00 PM  

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