Monday, February 25, 2008

Ultimate Damning Indulgence

If any immediate family or friends of Ronbo (Ronald Barbour) come across this post, then take as fair warning that I abhor suicide and would strongly recommend that you read no further.

If Ronbo's death letter is to be believed then, whatever he may have lived for, he died for nothing.

The self indulgent death letter begins with the questions,

"What would you do If you were asked to give up your dreams for freedom? What would you do If asked to make the ultimate sacrifice?"

To which I shall reply to the now deaf and mute, that my death, even if for unselfish reasons, would fail to make anything sacred. And dreams of freedom are only for those that persist. Quitters can go to hell.

He states that,

" memory of the several hundred victims on 9/11 who jumped..."
"...and the over 3,000 American soldiers killed fighting Islamofascism..."
as "...a protest against the American Left and the Democrat Party..."
"I plan to make such a leap."[to death]

Because one more death, and this one as an act of self serving cowardice, will bring what type of remembrance to those listed? It could only serve to sully those memories, and among those listed, that are rightfully remembered, I hope ronbo is completely forgotten.

He boasts that though,"the Leftist Media will spin my death as that of an insane man with few options left in life," "the objective investigator will notice no signs of depression." Depression might be the only thing that would have mitigated my condemnation of a self-indulgent fool and as yet the Leftist media hasn't even noticed.

Suicide is not the,"action of a patriot and idealist who loves God and Country." It is the action of a summer soldier, indulging in nationalist hubris and narcissism. Suicide does neither God, Country, immediate family, nor patriotic youth any good at all. It only serves self indulgent fantasies about the impact on those left behind. The left has its own pantheon of pied pipers leading youth to self destruction, and I see no reason why a self-supposed patriot should emulate them in "protest against the American Left ." I want it to be clear, for youths of whatever ideological persuasion, that suicide is cowardice.

A patriot might remember that vigilance, which ronbo appears to discount as "extraordinary good fortune such as America had with the Fort Dix Six," is the price of liberty.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

maccus - i have searched here for his name and didn't see it.

o.t. - i've come to drop a link to a radio program with a "moderate" muslim american. and i've been enjoying your company at gathering storm and thought you'd like to toss a few hardballs at this guy.


2/29/2008 01:34:00 PM  

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