Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Interfaith Pig Roast

Never say that I'm not open-minded.
I will be at Jim 'n' Nicks Inverness at 7pm tomorrow Thurs. June 29. All are invited to attend. If anyone has objections to the venue then please comment. I would like to meet others that are concerned that islam is the enemy to us, that the koran, centuries of tradition, and current acts of violence would clearly suggest. It would also be interesting to meet anyone who thinks otherwise.

Mr. Beamish offers some consolation to those of us concerned about Bush's "Religion of Peace" mantra.

And, I recently rediscovered a bama blogger which has been posting excellent vids on YouTube.


Blogger dag said...

We'll be at VPL in Vancouver, Canada, Thursday evening from 7-9 pm in the atrium. We protested against the "peace" hippies here on the weekend at their "Hate-fest," as the local daily paper called it, so they might show up to join us and let us go at them again. Yeah! Bring 'em on.

6/29/2006 01:36:00 AM  

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