Friday, June 02, 2006

Vulcan moons allah (maybe)

I still harbor sympathies (fat lot of good that is doing anybody) with the blue revolution (of France), and their most ardent neo-covenanter Canadian supporters (NoDhimmitude). I can be found, until further notice, at Jim n' Nicks in Inverness at 7pm on Thursdays.

Alabamans may be interested to know that A mosque is to be built overlooking I-65 in Hoover and that the Muslim Student Association seems to have done rather well in the runoff elections at University of South Alabama. Why does it matter? -or the question asked differently, Why am I such a "bigot"?- Truly, when the Baptists build a new structure neighbors don't get overly excited, unless one happens to be a liquor store owner with limited parking in the rear lot. Neither does the community at large get much involved in Student Government.

The USA elections concern me because, I wonder what this may mean for the freedom to publish for the Vanguard, since back in Feb. the Muslim Student Association got all worked up about the defense of free speech found in said Vanguard. As I recall the writer, of the defense, even called the infamous 12 cartoons - evidently, we infidels aren't supposed to draw mohamhead - "in bad taste."

The mosque may be a qualified asset. (of course I don't live near it) Many people in Alabama suffer still from a "it couldn't possibly happen here" mentality. (Even though H. Rap Brown was captured in Lowdes and the DC snipers killed a liquor store clerk in Montgomery) Soon minarets may (I've not seen architects plans) rise from Shades Mtn. in clear view from many parts of the city menacingly close to I-65. I'm still unclear as to how the "moon over homewood" may present itself to the site.


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