Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Griping about moving day and salivating for grape leaves

My cousin needs a hand moving on thurs. night so I will not be able to be at Jim & Nick's for the weekly Gathering of Redneck Infidels for Pork Eating.

I am looking forward to the eight annual Lebanese Food Festival that St Elias Maronite Catholic Church is to host this weekend, leave a comment if any infidels want to meet at the festival.


Blogger dag said...

There's an idea. Meet at the church, have some chat, and exchange ideas there. Maybe pass out some leaflets, talk to people and invite them to the next meeting, make a date with some of them and keep it going and expand till all of the state is happy and enthused about talking about Islam as the threat we face thanks to our Left dhimmi fascist idiots in the media, the school systems, the government.

Our friend Susan P at hjihadwatch drove a 200 mile radius of Atlanta, Georgia passing out leaflets she made at home, delivering them to all but three churches. Imagine the number of successes she had. Georgia is our state now thanks to Susan. I got responses to her leaflets from people as far away from her and me as southern Indiana.

Church folks are our folks. Even if that excludes me, it involves Christians directly. If I stick up for Christians and bang the drum for them, then one should rightly expect other Christians to do at least as much as I do. I think Christians are worth the effort to bring them out into the open so they proclaim their interest in their religion, in their communities, in their nations.

I'm sure Christians care about thier religion and their fellows. The question is whether they care enough to make a meeting. My guess is that if they have a chance they'll be as solid in Alabama as they are in Georgia. That's likely with the exception of the Presbyterians. And the Anglicans/Episocpalians, and the Unitarians, what ever they are. Let's scap the United Church as well, they being involved in social work and giving money and aid to the palestinians.

Homosexuals are catching on that Islam is violent and hate-filled and evil. Socialist Swedish women are getting the idea, as are eight out of ten working class English and many middle class French.
Yeah, I'm seeing some real hope for southern Christians in America.

Prove me right.

4/19/2006 10:23:00 PM  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

Certain churches are open to spreading the truth about Islam. All one has to do is find those churches.

4/25/2006 08:31:00 PM  

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