Monday, March 19, 2007

"Ya' Don't Know Shit!"

Having had so much fun yelling at sub-lingual left dhimmi philobarbarist this past Saturday in Washington, DC, I am contemplating stockpiling a years supply of Mad Dog in a u-store it and, after the fashion of the truly deranged, yelling at passer-bys full time. Of course, I jest. I detest Mad Dog and Coors does tend to sour in storage.

Yelling at people is quite fun though. I begin to see why the poorly educated children that were herded before us, will spend so much energy in stealing traffic control drums that constitute their makeshift riot shields. And close behind these young fans of dime store historians, were the chemically arrested peter pans that still haven't kicked the protesting habit after thirty years of creative loafing. And on my side of the street I must confess, that I taunted those crazy leftist kinigits from behind a leather wall of those that were,... a bit busy forty years ago. I even saw Booze Fighters pressing forward toward the barrier to shake their fingers at the ungrateful fools. -Now that was a bottle of whip ass with a twist off cap- I couldn't help but join in when the motorcycling veterans began the chant. "Ya' don't know shit!"

Why do I question the patriotism of the herd arrayed before me, you may ask? In fact, I do not. The symbols and messages displayed left no doubt. The inability of demonstrators to carry the flag of the United States of America in an upright position made ridiculous even the memory of ever having had such a doubt. No the patriotism of these fools is nothing to doubt. It does not exist. If there exist any USA patriots that wish to protest the War in Iraq, then they'd better get organized.

The anti-war movement in this nation is a farcical front for unbridled anti-Americanism. If, peace loving, war criticizing, patriots do exist then know that you were not represented by the demonstration in DC. Those that could carry Old Glory with pride were pro-war veterans. Those that did not choke on the chant "USA" did never say "end the war." It would seem that there must exist patriotic war critics, but where are they? Surely they did not march as cattle before the islamic and Communist herdsmen under the ANSWER banner on March 17th 2007.


Blogger Steve Harkonnen said...

It was a pleasure meeting you and your friend in person. Most of all, thank you for driving all the way in from Alabama for this event. I'll need your email address so I can invite you to the blogger's gathering May 25th in Virginia. The top post tells all about it, so...

3/20/2007 12:16:00 PM  

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