Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sympathy for the devil.

The devil's name being in this case, in this time, Osama Bin Laden.

It would be most convenient to assume that Osama is some criminal mastermind that bends islam to his own will. -that for personal gain he has "hijacked your religion"- It would allay fears that his daring attacks upon us ,and others, might have a lasting resonance among, and give renewable violent impetus to, muslim populations. But, what is his will, or personal gain? Is he served or does he serve? It seems to me that with, his inheritance, and undeniable (however much we may hate him) talents, he could be currently having a high time in Dubai. But "masterminds," such as he, do live in caves, while hounded by the best trained, and most doggedly determined soldiers since,....since...-In fact I can think of no precedent of those currently giving military service to these United States.

I have this sympathy, for this devil, because many of our leaders would conspire to fill the shooting gallery with the sons and daughters of nominally muslim allies. Leaders that would claim a Christian faith, while cursing a sinner, and praising codified sin as a "religion of peace." I care not to be a part of the conspiracy of: those munafiq and dhimmi that that won't look mo' in the eye; those tacticians that say we'll shoot'em all (but later); and the, still seething from September, that practice aim and save nickels, for their turn at the gallery.

I am pleasantly surprised by events in Iraq, such as "Al-Anbar Awakening," but, with uncharacteristic pessimism (yes folks that's sarcasm), I fear that I know where this "awakening" does lead. It is not hard to imagine how a nominal muslim, in war torn Iraq, would support, any from of islam that meant greater peace and prosperity to their family, even if such islam was re-authored by the kufar... the great satan...the US State Dept. That same prevaricating and beguiling editor does encourage devotion to the damned book that started all of this trouble, just so long as you understand that no word can ever have meaning, without fresh and most creative "reinterpretation," by the new "prophet" in Washington. In my sympathy for the devil, I can see where, according to more authoritative islamic tradition, this arrangement would look a lot like hypocrisy. I can see where the sober students borne of our munafiq allies would, with eyes clear of the tears of war, choose again the jihad of mohamed.


Blogger Always On Watch said...

That same prevaricating and beguiling editor does encourage devotion to the damned book that started all of this trouble...

For that reason, I don't expect this latest "awakening" to have a good outcome.

3/27/2008 07:54:00 AM  

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