Wednesday, April 30, 2008

And it's still... Islam dellende est, fool.

If citizens of Birmingham, Al should take a notion to meet with others in public to discuss how the conflict between islam and liberal values (literally the values of those that submit to a knock-off Caglistro's fusion of a tribal moon Judeo-allah and those values that are "befitting free men") continues to be misdiagnosed, and mistreated, then you're certainly welcome to meet without me. I'll not be at Newk's, 7pm this coming thurs., where I've formerly, and quietly, been. -I might be missing the point of public meetings-

Misdiagnoses include the search for "moderate muslims." They exist, though you may want to check the obits. rather than your local mosque. The excision of "jihadists" from the State Dept. lexicon is another example of how the conflict is pretended against.

Unfortunately, even among those that can see clearly enough a problem, there is a common mistreatment of the conflict. I do believe that our politicians should speak more plainly, but theirs is a task of making policy from broad public mandates. Those public mandates should be our focus more than any leader on the horizon. I am sick of incantations to awake a zombie Churchhill. We should ourselves be in whatever way we can a thorn in the side of an ideology that does ill fit free men. And I do believe that nominal muslims, that are to a degree moderate, are to that same degree free -not submitting- people. We needn't resort to a "kill 'em all" mentality, until it is assured that our ideas carry no force with nominal muslims. This "submission" must die, so that as free people we, and they, can live in peace.

I will post where, next week, I plan to make myself available to those that should like to decide which of islam or I is/am nuts.


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