Thursday, June 14, 2007

OK, OK I'm a Covenanter, where do I sign?

I've been slow to actually adopt the language of discussing "covenants." When it was first mentioned I'd worried that those discussing "new covenants" might too quickly discard existing workable compromises -I still think the word "compromise" more realistic, even if less inspiring. I should have known better. Truepeers eloquently states the purpose of which, I have been some feet dragging and far removed supporter.

What makes Western culture what it is, is not something for which many Western
people have sufficient regard. What allows us Westerners, traditionally and
constitutionally, to rule ourselves instead of being ruled by a code of ritual
sacrifice, is something all too many take for granted. And what you take for
granted, you risk losing. And there are many signs we are losing a viable
self-ruling culture. These are the kinds of things we talk about every Thursday
because we want to help provide our friends the inspiration and resolve to go
out in our public life and make a difference there in any of many particular
actions that need to be carried on. Covenant Zone: a place to learn and network
about who we are, today, in this given historical time and place.

A covenant zone

Truepeers, Dag, Charles Henry and others meet in Vancouver. Notably less eloquent, I will be at Jim 'N' Nicks in Inverness, Bham, Al. at 7pm with a black "I read mohamhead comics" hat on, or actually on the table.


Blogger truepeers said...

MG, Glad you like that post. May I add that I don't see an all-or-nothing choice between existing compromises and future covenants. Judeo-Christian-Greek Western culture or history is an ongoing series of covenants. We make new ones when we have to because we find ourselves in a new situation or crisis where old differences and understandings are not enough to see us through. But we don't simply reject the old covenants; we study them, appreciate them, to see how they can be expanded, to build a bridge from past to future. But you're right to question whether we should try to construct a new reality through covenanting if an existing compromise is workable. If our current reality is workable, leave it be. Ultimately, I have to defend what I am saying by arguing that currently there is a fundamental problem with the liberalism and "realism" by which our elites rule us and relate Western societies to others, e.g. to the Muslim world..

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