Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You always knew a was a lonely asshole. Don't act surpirsed.

Having untimely confessed a passion to a friend, I have now lost all hope of love or friendship with a lovely young woman. -OK I confess, too young(21)- I likely got what I deserved-

It appears I some free time now, though.
Some weeks past, I did mention that I would rejoin my vigil, in sympathy with the CovenantZone, to discuss what I think is an identity crisis of the West. Our self image is entirely skewed in much the way that Evan Sayet has suggested. Because Modern Liberalism is such a parody of anything that might befit free men, liberal is now used as a slur.

We are different from the rest of the world, not because of genetic heredity, but because of intellectual work and material sacrifice that has made freedom, a near unique, inheritance to us. It is not befitting free men and women, who can choose so much of their own destiny to indulge in either petty hatreds or convenient euphemisms. Despite the hatred or love that you may feel, "camel jockey" and "moderate" do confuse the issue. Islam does exist apart from cultural reference and individual adherence. We've a freedom to criticize the core ideologies that inspire destruction that is unparalleled. It would be most responsible to use said freedom.

If you think I'm full of it and should like to tell me so, I'll be at Newks Cahaba Heights at 7pm Thurs evening.


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