Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Covenant South

Persons that dream of multicultural societies should avoid the conceit of being even more welcoming of foreign peoples than previous liberal societies while failing to recognize clear conflicts between cultures. The peaceful co-existence of cultures cannot rest entirely upon the assumption that all cultures are hollow. Neither can natural predilections toward assimilation and acculturation be denied. Its rather hard when someone shows you a new and better way of doing something to persist in honor of dead predecessors.

Existing in a Disney-like fugue of a small world filled with automaton barbarians, the actions of which are considered to just be part of the ride, does uplift no culture. Western societies are the current guardians of a better way. Whatever ideas that are brought before civilization are (at least they used to be) examined and either borrowed or rejected. We are already multicultural, but the gestalt culture does have, must have, fundamental unity. Americans need not be particular colors, nor even agree on all things, but some things are non-negotiable. We who have previously believed that all men, "created equal," have "unalienable Rights" to "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness," should be ashamed to see the prosecution of General Vang Pao.

"We live in a democracy, and this is about fighting communism," real estate agent Nhia Cheng Vang said. "I mean, if it was England or France that was the target, that's one thing. Then put him in jail. But not for fighting communists."

And we should be equally ashamed to see what the Bush administration will try to pass off as "a reasonable voice among extremists"

Extremists whether they believe in democracy or a new holocaust are prosecuted, while voices of moderation such as Fatah, who is commited to destroying Isreal more slowly than Hamas, and the Communist government of Laos, which has likely also pledged to reduce the number of Hmong they kill, are given US support.

I call on America to remember its great promise and strive to let the light of this "Land of Liberty," in its full fury, shine. So that a free peoples are again a threat to tyrants.

Begin by meeting other members of your society in public to discuss broken covenants, how they might be mended, and what intermediary covenants may need to created toward this renewal.

I'll be at Jim 'N' Nicks in Inverness Hwy 280, Bham, Al near the bar at 7pm Thursday. I'll have a "I read mohamed comics cap" and a blue scarve nearby.

Or if you happen to be in Vancouver, http://covenantzone.blogspot.com/

Otherwise begin your own vigil.

1297, from O.Fr. covenant "agreement," originally prp. of covenir "agree, meet," from L. convenire "come together" (see convene). Applied in Scripture to God's arrangements with man, as a translation of L. testamentum, Gk. diatheke, both rendering Heb. berith (though testament is also used for the same word in different places). Covenanter (1638), especially used of Scottish Presbyterians who signed the Solemn League and Covenant (1643) for the defense and furtherance of their cause.


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