Friday, September 09, 2005

"Lets Roll"

This is the winning design for the site commemorating the intentional grounding of US Flight 93 into Pennsylvania, well short of any of the jihadists targets.

I noticed this first at Michelle Malkin
she provides a link to local coverage.

Increasingly myself and others begin to think that this is
par for the course?

My brother suggest a slight re-design necessitating the use of a few adjoining acres.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Make no excuses for me

While disappointed that our media seems so often willing to cry racism, I am most glad that few of such pundits feel the need to make broad generalized excuses that include me. Some days ago, I was watching television (CBS, I believe,) when discussions of looting (involving more than necessities) in New Orleans provided the anchor (white) and two reporters (also both white), the opportunity to voice an almost unified - I'm sure you've heard it before- admonition that it would be wrong for us to judge these looters due to their social and economic standing (read as black). How infuriating it must be for a black man, that is poor, that has also happened to never have stolen anything in his life, to be in collection with all black people patted on the head and told in essence, "It's OK we never expected anything better from you." I (white) hate being called a racist, but at least no one suggests that it is unreasonable, to expect me, to respect myself and my neighbors. Thankfully, in the same broadcast one reporter (black) did hint at personal responsibilty, as he noted that the Americans in New Orleans did not display the same experienced provision for their own survival, that he had witnessed of people during the recent tsunami. Am I to be called a racist because I do expect better of all Americans?