Thursday, December 27, 2007

Failure to Covene.

"Failure to covenant" due to flu. I will not be at the Infidel Dawa at the Dairy Queen in Pelham tonight.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Common Sense?

Overlooked in discussions between those that think we must support European politicians with troubling past (and likely future of dissembling about said past) and those opposed to any hint of ethnic nationalism, is the fast growing alternative to Vlaams Belang. Lijst Dedecker is heralding the defection of yet another “Flemish Interest” candidate.

Google translates:
An Bonne: "Flemish Interest is increasing in the move towards more extreme positions, and the party proves her constituents no service by its representatives silenced it."

Original text:

A couple of opinions that I gleaned from the translations that google provides causes me to think that this political party might be better suited to ally with Center for Vigilant Freedom in a desire to support European parties that resist the further accommodation of islam.

Concerning integration of immigrants,

On freedom of speech,

I think I get the gist of what they are saying but perhaps a Dutch speaker could provide a better translation. If the fun of pretending that we, and our opinions of Dewinter, are the center of the universe is finally worn off, then perhaps, some constructive criticsm toward the fulfillment of CVF's stated principles could be discussed. Or have we a problem with their stated principles?

Surely, if either actually reads this, GOV supporters will think that I too quickly discount Dewinter, and IBA will think that I am too comfortable with nationalism based on ethnicity.

To the former, I will say that if we act responsibly then we can look forward to being called "know-nothings," by nominally muslims, just as nominally Catholics, veritably Americans, continue to make mockery of both their faith and those that resisted said faiths formerly international and usurping power. Besides, Dewinter is not the only politician that resists islam.

To the latter, I will say that Flanders was once a place largely inhabited by...the Flemmish. And among those Flemmish did arise classically liberal ideals. There is nothing inately "NAZI" about the Flemmish nor Arabic. Understandably ethnic nationalism gives many an uneasey feeling, largely because the ideals of such nationalism are so ill defined. But, it can not be assumed that ethnic nationalist are inherently violent. The "friend not family" calculus of Nick Griffin is not what I'd prefer societies be built upon, but it is a decidely more enlightened view than what National Socialists of 1930's Germany espoused.