Thursday, January 31, 2008

I want to be committed.

Why can't the anti-jihad understand how difficult it is, for those that do choose what they believe, to choose to believe that the jihad exists? I do not choose to believe that the islam is the codification of a murderous pedophile’s opportunism. I am, rather, convinced, by koran, hadith, and sira. If, I am wrong, and the munafiq are able to write a new koran, then I will be glad to be denounced as another crazy, whose apocalyptic vision did never come true. To my future commitment to an insane asylum, I am now thus committed. Come by Newk's on 280 in Cahaba Heights at seven this evening, and I'll give all the evidence I can to whichever of my insanity and/or islam's jihadism you wish to believe.

Yep. Changing venues again. Hardly conducive to the goal, but there I, in quiet sympathy with the bloggers of CovenantZone, NoDhimmitude, and the blue revolution, will, God willing and the creek don't rise, be.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Charles Johnson, chief nazi-hunter, of lizards lounge repute does give Burke's words fresh meaning.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
-Edmund Burke-

That good men, that have given veritable service in the debunking of leftist myth, can find reason to discount the assailed, and therefore the assailed's claim, does give little obstacle to the triumph of evil. It is rather easy to document that Filip Dewinter has made racist comments, and that Lionheart, for a professed Christian, can act like a graceless twit (not even counting my deleted comments- 2 if you're curious). Neither these facts, nor fantasies of reform, change that which is islam, nor the demonstrated desire of censors to silence criticsm of the muderous pedophilles's teachings.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Your future, but not your fight.

Wear the damn hijab. Tell the infidel boys that you think they smell funny. Bide your time until you can make your escape. Because the society you now live in is more concerned with themselves appearing "intolerant" than saving your lives.

I would much rather young hidden girls live to add their voices to those of Dr. Wafa Sultan, Nonnie Darwish, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and others, than to see another beautiful dead girl on myspace.

Democracy is the problem. Not the solution.

Comments of US Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Dr Jendayi Frazer, were recently reported as "a diplomatic warning shot to Kenya, saying it will stop conducting “business as usual” if the current political crisis persists. "

In the same article she is quoted,
“We are convinced that Kenyans will achieve this [find a resolution of the crisis], and that the country will emerge out of this crisis a stronger and more democratic society,”

But much of the problem in Kenya arises from an overly democratic process of presidential elections. Odinga knows, even admist fresh violence, he can force a terrified populace back to the polls. If a similar situation occurred in these United States of America, then between the electors, the House of Representatives, and the Vice President, we would still have a constitutional officer in the role of President. And, any thugs that continued to incite "imminent lawless action" could be arrested.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Would we be more understanding of Hitler, if Jews had been rigging elections?

The absence of condemnation of such barbaric ethnic cleansing of women and children even is a despicable shame even on the BBC and a frightening reminder of what happened in Rwanda. BBC reporters were busy running around talking about stolen votes. The burning to death in a church of innocent children was of secondary interest!

The Kiambaa and Kimuri villagers were caught unawares as the youths chanted war songs and surrounded the Kenya Assemblies of God church in Kiambaa in the afternoon.

Furthermore, media outlets have repeatedly assumed the Mungiki to be, as predominately Kikuyu, rivals of the opposition.
Locals say that for five days, police swept in sporadically and fired teargas and bullets in the air to disperse angry mobs.
But then they always departed, leaving the streets under the control of militants like the "Mungiki" gang, which has its roots in traditional Kikuyu rites, or the rival Luo "Taliban".

When it had been previously reported (please note the dateline) that the mungiki, now cast as a Kikuyu-therefore surreptitiously Kibaki militia, were actually in opposition to the Kibaki gov't well before alleged vote rigging.

An outlawed gang called Mungiki, blamed in a string of beheadings, also has terrorized parts of Kenya. Mungiki members have threatened to disrupt the elections and circulated leaflets in July calling on Kenyan youth to rise up against the government.

"We call on all politicians and government officials to publicly denounce all forms of violence, ethnic incitement and electoral malpractice," Ranneberger said at his residence in the Kenyan capital.

"If the government cannot stop the violence on the ground, they should delay the vote," said one of the displaced, Peter Ngogi."

And why do these Kikuyu traditionalists cut heads off? It sounds more like something mo's minions would do. But then, it turns out that the Mungiki are themselves, at least partly, islamic.