Thursday, April 19, 2007


Another, gathering of redneck infidels for pork eating in sympathy with the Blue Revolution of France and Convenanters of Canada has concluded. Pilgrim and I met with a fellow 910 member , degreeofmadness, and discussed -what else?- that prevaricating death cult called islam.

I wondered aloud how much of the evident dislike for islam, to be found in Alabama, might be based on an ill informed xenophobia that would sublimate during a well administered infliction of guilt. It is a dangerous conceit to think that islam can not make the same type of inroads here, that it has made in Europe. Not if the underlying reason for resistance is an ignorant hatred of a foreign peoples. I want the people of Alabama to know exactly what islam is. Hatred of such a set of values does naturally follow such knowledge. Such honest confrontation, with what islam actually is, can even lead muslims to depart from the death cult.

Also discussed was the mithrab in Shanksville that I posted about
here .

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Could "Ismail Ax" be a phonetic translation of Brother Ismail?

What does "aks" or "aqs" mean in Arabic?

I do not speak Arabic. I do not know, and do not wish introduce confusion to others. The questions are honestly asked in my own confusion.

The instance that causes me to ask this is below.

"with practice you will correctly distinguish ax "but"from aH "brother" (this only works in hebrew, arabic says "ax" forbrother!)"

The fact that I can find no Arabic speakers providing such a translation causes me to think this is not the case. Can anyone dispel my confusion?