Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Alabama Islam Shames Humanity Association

AISHA needs your help.

Opportunities present themselves to provide an unvarnished view of islam. Audiences leaving United 93 will likely be receptive to learning more about the threat of islam. I have (admittedly, only once) passed out business cards encouraging the consideration of the website to such an audience. I do not know if this has had any effect, but it is better than doing nothing. I continue to miss these and other opportunities. This past month I have missed a meeting sponsored by Samford University on islam. Hopefully, Alabamans are learning the truth about islam despite my faltering. But, I will not rest on such a platitude. I will continue and strive to improve. I, which to date is AISHA, need your help.

On Thursday May 4, 2006 Pilgrim and I (maccusgermanis) will be at Jim 'N' Nick's at inverness. I will be wearing a "I read mohamhead comics" cap, probably seated near the bar furtherest from US 280. Please come enjoy some pork, beer, and discussion.

I have chosen this acronym because AISHA was the name of the 9 year old wife of islam's creator, mohamhead. It underscores the shame that islam inflicts on humanity.