Sunday, April 30, 2006

United 93

I've recently seen the movie "United 93". I don't know the extent to which the movie has been faithful to the interdepartmental workings of our government, or to the passenger's vigilance. So keep in mind these comments are not meant to criticize any particular action that might, or might not, have been taken by passengers or administration.

My observations have been inspired by the movie's portrayal of a centralized bureaucracy ill equipped to deal with real time situations and it's portrayal of citizens (aboard the plane) conditioned to let professionals deal with problems. How different might the outcome have been, on this plane and others, if those citizens, that bravely died to avoid becoming a missile, had realized even sooner the task that had become theirs and theirs alone. American's faced with terrorists, high winds, or rising waters must realize that sometimes the cavalry can never come in time. And, that whether part of that cavalry or those besieged, Americans must develop decision making skills that do not require top down administration. Perhaps it was hindsight, the musical score selection, or my general misanthropy, that had me thinking of the passengers. "What are you waiting for? They're just four skinny punks."

Likewise, in my comfortable seat in the theater (well actually it wasn't that comfortable, but I think you may understand what I imply here), I found myself wondering of the military commanders that struggled to get FFA flight approvals and Executive Branch shoot down approval, whether they were more afraid of court martial or of yet another building full of citizens becoming a smoking hole? Sometimes the wrong thing done at the right time is of much more value than the right thing done after the threat has passed. (Am I quoting someone whom I can't recall here?)

I make these observations hoping to point to a broad love of centralization among those that live in "the land of the free and home of the brave" that is a danger to us all. Because of the events of 9/11 we have a new cabinet level administration that during Katrina, seemed again ill prepared to relieve so many that had seemed to sit and wait for the professionals. Again, I feel I must stress that this is not meant to single out the professionals that had what I see as an impossible task. Nor is it meant to single out people that foolishly thought, what so many other American's would have thought in their situation. That thought being I imagine similar to that of the passengers of the missiles of 9/11, just stay calm help will come. We must be prepared, if not materially, at least mentally for even the worst of possible outcomes, and remember that each day our fate is largely of our own choosing. If we can not see a way to survive this day, then how might we on this day chose to be remembered? I shall always remember the "flight that fought back" with much reverence.

Having found this through nodhimmitude
Please visit Stogie's post as it has much more detailed information on the United of 93
and some great links to other sites as well.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Just pilgrim and I, having arrived late (7:30), were at the GRIPE. I gave out a few of the cards that I had printed.

I missed an event about islam that was sponsored by Samford University (which is a Baptist school. I called the organizer earlier this week only after all 135 seats were already full. I expect there to be some mention of the event in The Alabama Baptist. I'm imagine that the event was no whitewash of islam, but I've been surprised before by people that readily accept a plausible deniability offered by islam apologists. We should no longer wonder how Nazi's were able to kill so many jews without arousing the suspicions of Germans of any semblance of conscience, they probably just blamed everything on a tiny minority of "radical" Nazi's nothing like the many peace loving National Socialists.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Hello (posted on Indelible Infidel)

I began Indelible Infidel Ink with hopes of showing, an at least symbolic, solidarity with people all around the world that are being intimidated by muslims. Much like the largely symbolic infidel pig fest I regularly enjoy on Thurs. nights 7pm at Jim & Nick's Inverness, in sympathy with blue revolution meetings in Canada (see NoDhimmitude)I realize the threat of people shouting "allah akbar" while carrying signs calling for our death seems rather remote in Birmingham, Alabama but please use the links under "The Crime Continues" to explore what islam is doing in the world.

I have recently begun handing out business cards bearing the indelible infidel ink logo that encourage people to visit The writers there, sometimes ex-muslims, regularly put the finest point on the danger that islam is. Again, they say it best

AboutFaith Freedom International
Islamic terrorism is inspired by Islamic teachings. We can never get rid of Islamic terrorism unless we defeat the ideology behind it and that is Islam itself. Islam induces hate backed by lies. Muhammad was a terrorist by his own admission. All Muslims, to the extent that they follow him, are terrorists. Those Muslims who are not terrorists are ignorant of Islam and are not good Muslims. Fortunately they are the majority. We need to rescue them. If you are a good human being, you are not a Muslim. Read this site and if you can't prove me wrong, which you certainly can't, leave this deceitful cult of hate and terror and join mankind. Don't be part of the Umma. Umma is fascism. It is divisive. It induces the hatred of others. Be part of humanity instead. Your ignorance is not an excuse. Pull your head out of the sand and face the truth, like we did.
Faith Freedom International is a grassroots worldwide movement of ex-Muslims and all those who are concerned about the rise of the Islamic threat. We want to bring humanity together, not by introducing yet another doctrine, which always ends up dividing mankind more, but by eliminating the doctrines that divide us. We want to abolish this evil 'Muslim vs. Kafir" dichotomy. Mankind is one family. Don't let narcissist men like Hitler and Muhammad sunder us with their big lies. Don't become the victim of the "divide and rule" policy of a psychopath.
Faith Freedom stands for freedom of faith. We are against Hate, not Faith. We revere human rights not human beliefs. We endeavor to be factually correct, not politically correct.
Do your part! Let this message out. Let us eradicate Islam and bring mankind together - the way God intended. Islam is the cancer of humanity. We can get rid of it. There is nothing we humans can't do. Mountains move aside to make way for those who are determined.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Griping about moving day and salivating for grape leaves

My cousin needs a hand moving on thurs. night so I will not be able to be at Jim & Nick's for the weekly Gathering of Redneck Infidels for Pork Eating.

I am looking forward to the eight annual Lebanese Food Festival that St Elias Maronite Catholic Church is to host this weekend, leave a comment if any infidels want to meet at the festival.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Thursday, April 6, 2006
7pm Jim & Nick's
I suppose I should make sure to post these earlier. If anyone would like to come by and talk about the evils of islam, or if anyone just wants to come by to call me a islamophobe, pilgrim and I will be at Jim & Nick's in Inverness at 7pm.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Harmonies of Liberty

This past Friday March 31, 2006, I attended a "symposium on the Role of Religion in Public Life" entitled "The Harmonies of Liberty." I was encouraged to see that most panelists were near in unison in stating words similar to that of President of Interfaith Alliance of Alabama Nick Foster, that "both faith and policy benefit from separation." One panelist did, in questioning Judge William H Pryor, Jr., ask if a more symbiotic nature might be possible. Surprisingly enough this panelist was no meddlesome Baptist preacher, but instead Yusuf Salaam Alabama House of Representatives, D-Selma, who professes faith in islam. Yusuf Salaam professes faith in islam and defends it in vague and general terms of it being an "Abrahamic and Adamic" faith of "8 million Americans" who are "fervent believers in the democratic process." Even stating that "there is no conflict of islam with science." I had to laugh at that point.

I asked no questions of Mr. Salaam during the question and answer period of the panel, unable to distract myself from other lines of inquiry that were being posed. I was however able to have an interesting conversation with Mr. Salaam after the panel. He did seem to declare the mullahs of iran apostate. Of course these were not his exact words, but in each example that I raised in demonstrating that every creed and color of man was being slaughtered in the name of islam, he declared that, in that situation, true islam was not being practiced. I can not recall him citing any koran. He accused me of being mis-informed and of course he asked me if I read Arabic. I responded by asking him if he read Arabic, if so he should soon start work on a new translation of the koran, pointing out that a large number of muslims had to rely on the very same translations as myself. Interestingly, he pointed out that a large number of muslims were illiterate. I'm not sure what point that was meant to make. But it was in keeping with his continual attempt to distance his "true" islam from any actual practice of islam on the globe. In a March 18, 2004 article with Liz Maziarz, Mr. Salaam displayed more of this desire to separate his "universal Islam" (which seems very exclusive) from any Arab influence.

Salaam yearns to see American Muslims "stop being scaredy cats and consolidate political power." He feels that a lack of cultural identity on the part of African Americans has led to the success of orthodox Islam within that community, but that it is essential for African American Muslims to retain a freedom of intellect, because he sees no point in "trading Caucasian slave masters for Arab slave masters."

He attempted to dissuade me from my denouncement of islam by suggesting he could not , implying a fear of offending me, cite the acts of the Ku Klux Klan in a discussion of Christianity. I told him he certainly could bring up such things, that Christianity had been able to confront and conquer such blights exactly because it was brought to light. And that in emulation of that model, he, who seemed to yearn for a reformation of the practice of islam, should welcome that the onslaught against an islam, did lend a legitimacy to a would- be reformer such as himself.

When I brought up Aisha, he first asked me what I thought was wrong with a nine year old girl being married off to an older man? I asked, What volition can a nine year old child display in choosing a mate? Mr. Salaam, then cited that arranged marriages had occurred in Western civilization ( to nine year olds?). I conceded that arranged marriages had occurred in Western civilization but that having conquered that evil, I saw no reason we should turn back. That mohamed should in no way be emulated.