Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Thursday, March 22, 2006 7pm Jim & Nicks in Inverness

Abdul Rahman will die unless Afghans prefer to call him crazy. Do muslims here have any different view? How much do you trust their claims of moderation? Is death or enslavement by slow degree any more acceptable than open conflict?

If you have questions to add or would like to venture answers, Please join pilgrim and I Thursday, March 22, 2006 7pm Jim & Nicks in Inverness.

BTW, For some reason my visits to NoDhimmitude recently result in IE crashing. In any event, check out Dag's Islamophobia post, if you can.


Pilgrim was unable to attend, but I might have had some success tonight. A fellow pork eater said the dreaded "ROP" to me. And I corrected him with the eloquence that Killian's Red doth confer, no really I was amiable, and quite convincing. I expect to see the new inintiate to islamphobia next thursday.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Christian Suicide Bomber attacks Islam

He may die for dropping such a rhetorical bomb on an Afghan court as

"I am, a Christian and I believe in Jesus Christ."

The judge said: "We are not against any particular religion in the world. "But in Afghanistan, this sort of thing is against the law."It is an attack on Islam. The prosecutor is asking for the death penalty."

THE EVIDENCE: Supreme court judge Mawlavizada on March 19 holds a Bible that belongs to Abdul Rahman, who converted from Islam to Christianity.(REUTERS) by way of MichelleMalkin & Middle East Times

An Afghan man is facing the death penalty for becoming a Christian. Abdul Rahman was arrested last month after his family went to the police and accused him of converting from Islam. He has gone on trial for rejecting Islam - an offence punishable by death under Shariah law.
During the hearing, the defendant allegedly confessed that he converted from Islam to Christianity 16-years-ago.
He had been working as a medical aid worker for Afghan refugees in neighbouring Pakistan.
The judge said: "We are not against any particular religion in the world.
"But in Afghanistan, this sort of thing is against the law.
"It is an attack on Islam. The prosecutor is asking for the death penalty."

He [Supreme Court judge Ansarullah Mawlavizada ] said the man could face the death penalty if he refused to revert to Islam as Sharia law proposes capital punishment for any Muslim who converts to another religion. Afghanistan's constitution states: "No law can be contrary to the sacred religion of Islam."

Isn't democracy great!?

AlwaysOnWatch has a post with comments

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Another GRIPE

Gathering of Redneck Infidels for Pork Eating
Jim & Nick's Inverness 7pm

People who are in denial of their 'neckish-ness are also welcome. Hell, everybody is welcome. You don't even have to eat pork, or eat. Have a drink with us, vent, and discuss ways to turn such venting into something more productive. I'll be wearing a black "I read mohamhead comics" cap, as I often forget the international blue scarve.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gathering of Redneck Infidels for Eating Pork


We plan to meet 7pm March 9, 2006 at Jim & Nick's (You must try the braised collards)
We are not however going to be at the Homewood location, but rather the 280 Inverness location. There appears some good news of late regarding blue scarf sightings in Tennessee. Go Eddie!

And, I am proud to see that the Mobile Register and the University of South Alabama's Vanguard still believe in a free press.

No Hometraining Causes Church Fires

Three spoiled pukes that have at some point attended Birmingham Southern College in Birmingham are in custody for arson.

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Monday, March 06, 2006

Jaguars Will Not Be Censored

Update March 7, 2006

I found the original offense.
( I forgot to mention how I found it. This gentleman had it posted on his blog.)

While the cartoons are considered to be in bad taste, and offensive, is it
really worth bombing embassies in order to protest over a cartoon?

The paper reprinted one cartoon, called the cartoons of Jyllands-Posten offensive, and denounced violence. And muslims were offended. Was it the denouncement of violence that they found unbearable?

Original Post

3/6/2006, 11:42 a.m. CT
The Associated Press

(AP) — The University of South Alabama's student newspaper will not apologize
for reprinting one of the cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad that have
spurred proteststhroughoutt the Muslim world, the paper's editor said.

That'll piss 'em off.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Gathering of Redneck Infidels for Pork Eating 2

A weekly GRIPE.

To coincide with blue revolution meetings.

March 2, 2006
Jim & Nick's Homewood

We are still keeping the meeting relatively low key and hopefully inviting to people concerned, if not convinced, that islam is a replenishing source of terror.