Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mercenary Values

So, I might as well be on the record and see which former friend I can make apoplectic.

Regarding the Blog Wars:

"You are supporting Ethnic Nationalists at the VB, therefore, you are supporting racists."

Yes. (Though my definition of “racist” may align more to what is more commonly called “racialism“) The idea that the Flemish should have a Flanders, Kurds, a Kurdistan, and Jews, Israel is reliant on racial identities. Ethnic Nationalism is a guaranteed harbinger of neither, liberal values nor genocidal pogroms. I am not overly exited about Flemish politicians being in favor of a Flemish state, wherein they can have control over their own collective destiny. I’d rather that a seemingly lost, or recessive, American individualism pervade and subvert such collective identities, but will support those “racists” that otherwise support classically liberal values. Even if I think that those “racists” are full of shit.

I believe that Filip Dewinter meant “white” when he said “white Europe.” And, that a certain Odin’s Cross of modern tooled edges and protrusion of the proscribed circle is meant to evoke a pre-Christian “white” Europe. Of course, Churches in the US have similarly modernized the symbols on their business cards, but that is because they, like white nationalist, try to appeal to modern tastes.

And even still, I think Dewinter, as he attempts to broaden VB’s base of support, can be used. Center for Vigilant Freedom cannot control what Dewinter thinks, but neither can Dewinter fully control where his wagon goes, once hitched to a broad inclusive movement. Though if my read of Dedecker is correct, I would rather drop VB in favor of Dedecker List.

I do not believe that cooperation with VB is a sign of desperation, as has been charged, but one of exuberance. VB has the votes, DL does not. I do not fault Center for Vigilant Freedom for dealing with Dewinter, nor those that urge caution.